Melodia Celebrates Leap Day

Melodia Celebrates Leap Day

Since rehearsals for our May 14 concert started in January we’ve been working really hard getting to know Hilary Purrington’s new commissioned piece, Cassandra, and grappling with Meredith Monk’s wonderful and structurally sophisticated Quarry Weave II. So when we found out that one of our Monday rehearsal fell on Leap Day 2016, Artistic Director Cynthia Powell thought it was time for a break!

Worried that the local bars would be packed with parties celebrating this four-yearly event, I clicked on NY 1 News to find out who would be celebrating that night. The only people who seemed to be really into it were people getting married! “We want to make this day even more special by having our anniversary come up every four years,” said one couple from Brooklyn.

Reassured, plans were made to head over to Cowgirl bar and restaurant in the West Village. That evening, after more grappling with Purrington and Monk, our party of 21 crammed into the lounge of Cowgirl and toasted Leap Day 2016.

The singing is great – but sometimes you’ve just got to hang out!


Jenny Clarke, Executive Director, Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC

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