Melodia performs classical and contemporary works, and incorporates new works by living composers in our programs.

Melodia commissions women composers through our Women Composers Commission Competition and seeks out new works by all composers through our General Score Submission program.

Prior Commissioned Composers

<strong>Allison Sniffin</strong>
Allison Sniffin
<strong>Becca Schack</strong>
Becca Schack
<strong>Chris Lastovicka</strong>
Chris Lastovicka
<strong>Christina Whitten Thomas</strong>
Christina Whitten Thomas
<strong>Sally Lamb McCune</strong>
Sally Lamb McCune
<strong>Errollyn Wallen</strong>
Errollyn Wallen
<strong>Nina Siniakova</strong>
Nina Siniakova
<strong>Hilary Purrington</strong>
Hilary Purrington

Women Composers Commission Competition

General Score Submission

Melodia welcomes submissions of original pieces for women’s voices and up to five instruments
(or a cappella works) throughout the year. Sacred and secular works are accepted. Scores must be legible, preferably engraved in a music writing program. Submissions must include an audio sample of the work, either a CD or MP3 file. MIDI files are accepted.

Submissions may be sent by mail to:
Jenny Clarke
Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC
446 West 47th Street, 1B
New York, NY 10036

Or by e-mail to:

Melodia’s women composer initiatives are supported by the Sorel Organization and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.