Works by Women Composers

Works by Women Composers2020-07-02T16:13:19-05:00

Celebrating Women Choral Composers

Melodia has performed works by more than 32 women composers to date and has commissioned ten women composers to create works for women’s voices. We are sharing this list so that other women’s choirs might discover, perform and share this wonderful music. (Audio samples are in progress.)

WPC – World Premiere Commission
NYC – New York Premiere
USP – US Premiere                                             

Alice Parker, Three Seas
Allison Sniffin, Óyeme con los ojos (Hear me with your eyes) (WPC)
Allison Sniffin, Ekō (WPC)
Amy Beach, The Chambered Nautilus
Becca Schack, In My End is My Beginning (WPC)

Becca Stevens, Soli Deo Gloria (WPC)
Catherine Aks, The Journey (NYP)
Cecilia McDowall, Ave Maria (NYP)
Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, Red Bird (WPC)
I.  Iktomi
II. Paradox
III. Spirit
Chris Lastovicka, Listen to How Birds Sing (WPC)
Christina Whitten Thomas, Mornings With You (WPC)
Deanna Witkowski, Where Shadow Chases Light
Eleanor Daley, The Rose Trilogy
Eleanor Daley, The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
Eleanor Daley, Echo
Eleanor Daley, O My Dear Heart
Eleanor Daley, There Is No Rose
Eleanor Daley, I Sing of a Maiden
Elena Kats-Chernin, Memorial Rag
Emma Lou Diemer, Three Shakespeare Madrigals
I.   O Mistress Mine
II.  Take O Take
III. Sigh No More
Emma Lou Diemer, Five Limericks
I.   A Wanna-be Poet
II.  At the Derby
III. Homing Pigeons
IV. The Beatle and the Beetle
V.  Road Rage
VI. A Sunday Kind of Love
Errollyn Wallen, Full Fathom Five (WPC)

Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, Two Part Songs
Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, Three Duets on Poems by Heinrich Heine
I.   Ich stand gelehnet an den Mast
II.  Wand’l ich in dem Wald des Abends
III.  Die Mitternacht war kalt und stumm
Grace Williams, The Dancers
I.   Gather for Festival
II.  Tarantella
III.  Roundelay
IV.  Lose the Pain in the Snow
V.  To the Wild Hills
Gwyneth Walker, In Autumn
Hilary Purrington, Cassandra (WPC)

Hilary Tann, Wellspring (USP)
Hilary Tann, Contemplations (NYP)
Hildegard von Bingen, O Quam Mirabilis
Joan Szymko, Ave Maria
Joan Szymko, Nada te turbe
Karen P. Thomas, O Virtus Sapientiae
Lili Boulanger, Les Sirenes
Margaret Dryburgh, Nora Chambers, arr., Largo by Dvořák
Meredith Monk, Quarry Weave II
Nina Siniakova, From the Four Winds (WPC) with French horn quartet Genghis Barbie

Sally Lamb McCune, Questions About Angels (WPC)
l.   Discendi amor
II.  Questions About Angels
III. Four Little Angels
Sally Lamb McCune, Jubilee
Sally Lamb McCune, Where Do the Roads Go
Stella Goud, The Maid on the Shore
Sweet Honey in the Rock, Alla That’s Alright, But