Women Musicians Show Maroon Ribbon Love

Women Musicians Show Maroon Ribbon Love

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Supporting women in the music industry is the mission of the Maroon Ribbon Campaign, so it was a natural that Melodia Women’s Choir would join up with the UK-based endeavor.

Now Melodia is featured on the Maroon Ribbon website, where the choir is greeted with a wonderful WELCOME post.

The Maroon Ribbon campaign  encourages progressive support for women in  music.  We met up on Twitter (@MelodiaSings, @maroonribbon).

The Maroon Ribbon campaign to support women in music began with the launch of International Women in Music Day (March 28) in 2008 — “a day when females from all over the world can be proud of their inclusion in the music industry.”   

maroon ribbon 2Campaigners adopted a maroon ribbon “as a symbol of hope.”  The ribbon draws attention to the underrepresentation of women in the music industry.

From its singular event, the Maroon Ribbon Campaign  moved on to create an ongoing support network. It campaigners writer:

“Support your females of musical ilk and help encourage the next generation to move to a higher level with progressive development, without fear of discrimination, regardless of color, ethnic origin or religious preference.”

That’s also been the mission of Melodia.  Joining our enormously talented singers in concert are all-women instrumentalists — this spring, we’re joined by four female percussionists and our award-winning collaborative pianist Taisiya Pushkar.

Women composers are part of our mission, too. On May 14, 2016, we’ll present the World Premiere of CASSANDRA by a composer we commissioned, Hilary Purrington. She joins a half-dozen other talented women composers who’ve written works for Melodia.

Our conductor and artistic direcor, Cynthia Powell, is featured in choral events in New York, and, Jenny Clarke, our founder, coordinates a bevy of behind-the-scenes volunteers, board members and talented helpers. In our last concert, we supported the budding girls’ choir, Vox Nova.

So thank you, Maroon Ribbon Campaign!  We’re thrilled to be a part of your international movement!  May it thrive and grow!

Order CASSANDRA tickets here.

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